Hockey Australia Levy

This year all players (aged 9 and older) will need to pay a levy direct to Hockey Australia as part of the registration process, in addition to the fees payable to the club.  The Hockey Australia levy is as follows:
- Juniors $30
- Seniors $42

The club has received the following information from Hockey Australia explaining exactly how the HA Player Levy has been devised with regards to Player Registration into the new GameDay platform.


Each participant (across Australia) will contribute to the Hockey Australia Player Insurance Scheme. 


The remainder of the Hockey Australia Levy is devised to help assist with the following four areas of focus from Hockey Australia:

  1. Engage recreational hockey consumers to grow participation of the game, including through new game formats.
  2. Drive sport entertainment events that capture the nation’s imagination and raises awareness of the game. These include the introduction of the Pro League, a revitalised Australian Hockey League and other events.
  3. Unlock “One Hockey” with all state and territory bodies working together to deliver efficient, relevant and streamlined services across Australia.
  4. Become digitally agile with contemporary digital assets that give players, spectators and partners instant access to relevant and engaging content.

2019 Club Fees Schedule

Junior Fees



Minkey (for boys and girls from PP to year 2 at school)


Grads (for boys and girls from years 3 to 4 at school)


J 5/6 (for boys and girls from years 5 to 6 at school)


J 7/8 (for boys and girls from years 7 to 8 at school)


J 9/10 (for boys and girls from years 9 to 10 at school)


J 11/12 (for boys and girls from years 11 to 12 at school)


Goalkeepers with own equipment (all age groups)


Juniors playing seniors on a regular basis – additional charge


family discount is available.  The third and subsequent junior players (by descending age) in the same family will be entitled to a 50% discount on their fees.

Senior Fees



Seniors (grass)


Seniors (turf)


Students / first year seniors (grass)*


Students / first year seniors (turf)*


Mid-week masters


Seniors (grass) + Mid-week masters


Seniors (turf) + Mid-week masters


Goal Keepers with own equip (grass)


Goal Keepers with own equip (turf)


* Students must be full time – student ID required.  First year seniors are those players for who it is their first season of being ineligible to play juniors.

FIFO arrangements can be accommodated.  If this applies to you please contact the Treasurer.

Fundraising Donation:

A major fundraising for the club each year is the sale of fundraising chocolates (or equivalent) – to a maximum of 2 boxes per family.  If you would prefer not to participate in this, you can opt out by paying an additional $25 per box with your fees (maximum $50 per family).

All fees are due to be paid in full by 30th April 2019.  Unless alternative arrangements have been agreed with the Treasurer, fees not paid by the due date may result in ineligibility to play until rectified, and may incur a $50 late fee.


Payment Options

The options for paying your fees are as follows:

·         Via the club website using credit card at time of registration or at a later time (by logging into the website).

·         By internet transfer / direct deposit to the club’s bank account.  Details as follows:

Bank:             NAB

Acct Name: Victoria Park Xavier Hockey Club

BSB:               086131

Acct No.:      542170143

Reference: From registration invoice received OR Player Name + grade

[Please also email club treasurer advising of payment]

·         Post cheque to:

Victoria Park Xavier Hockey Club

PO Box 787

Victoria Park WA 6979

·        You can also make a payment via cash, cheque or credit card over the bar at Fletcher Park at Thursday night      training or on Saturday afternoon.

·        Requests for payment arrangements must be directed to the Club Treasurer via email. 


Kidsport Vouchers

The Victoria Park Xavier Hockey Club is a KidSport approved club.

KidSport enables eligible Western Australian children aged 5-18 years to participate in community sport and recreation by offering them financial assistance towards club fees.

To find out if you are eligible for this funding and how to apply, please visit the KidSport page on the DSR website by clicking the following link.  

Note: If you apply for a KidSport voucher and it is approved, you will receive an email with a unique validation code for the voucher.  This must be sent to the Club Treasurer to enable the club to claim the money from the council.

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