Victoria Park Xavier Hockey Club

Turf Current Status

3rd March 2021

Turf Update:

· Higgins Park hockey turf proposal unsuccessful

· New Town of Victoria Park Hockey Turf Working Group established

· Calling for community members

Dear Panthers Players, Members, Families and Friends,

Thanks for your huge efforts during 2020. We finished the year with some disappointment but also strong momentum for moving ahead in 2021 with planning for our club turf facility.

Despite our strong showing in the Higgins Park Master Plan process and detailed final presentations at the December 2020 Town of Victoria Park Special Council meetings, we were unsuccessful on this occasion in securing a favourable decision for our turf.

The Club did an excellent presentation to the December Council meeting and you can see it here http://webcast.victoriapark.wa.gov.au/archive/video20-1216.php

If you are interested in the official Council papers and final reports for the Higgins Park Master Plan, you can find the 16th December papers here: https://www.victoriapark.wa.gov.au/Minutes-and-agendas

Based on our strong advocacy, we achieved a much better recommendation 6 in the final Council decision with firm next steps and timelines for continued turf planning. The recommendations and brief updates follow:

“Requests the Chief Executive Officer to continue working with the Victoria Park Xavier Hockey Club to identify further partnership or location opportunities available, including through the implementation of the Public Open Space Strategy, and to:

  1. organise a meeting by the end of February 2021 between the Victoria Park Xavier Hockey Club, representatives of Council, the Town and Hockey WA to discuss the future sporting requirements of the Hockey Club. Update: This positive meeting was held in January with Mayor Karen Vernon, Town staff and Hockey WA.
  2. establish a working group by March 2021 comprising members of the Victoria Park Xavier Hockey Club, councillors, Hockey WA and community representatives to advise Council on the future sporting requirements of the Hockey Club. Update: Council agreed to the proposal at their February meeting and advertisement placed for community members. The Club will have 3 representatives and advertisements have been placed for the community members, closing 11 March 2021. See https://www.victoriapark.wa.gov.au/About-Council/Advisory-and-Working-Groups/Hockey-Working-Group
  3. report to Council at its ordinary meeting in March 2021 as to the outcome of the meeting and the establishment of a working group.”

While there are now no sites currently available in the Town of Victoria Park to accommodate the whole club (turf and at least 2 grass grounds plus club rooms), there is a possible option in the Public Open Space Strategy for a turf only within the Town and this will be the focus for the next stage of planning, which will commence shortly.

We believe the club has put in a huge effort over the past 2 years and we wish to acknowledge and thank all members and supporters, including a number of other hockey clubs who banded together to support us.

Special thanks to members of our Turf Committee who have taken a well-earned break overt Christmas but are now back hard at work on our turf planning.

Any club members wishing to find out more or volunteer to become involved in the Turf Committee or know of a suitable community representative, please contact Eddie Bartnik on ebartnik@iinet.net.au

James Savundra – Club President

Eddie Bartnik – Turf Committee Chair

Stuart Lamont – Turf committee Member